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Having a web site is only the first step towards making use of the Internet as a marketing tool. Equally as important (and many would even say more important) is promoting your site to ensure you attract as many potential customers as possible.  Unfortunately, nobody is going to see your new website if the search engines can't find you.  The number one key in increasing sales and the value of your website is getting people to it in the first place.

SEO (search engine optimization) is an extremely complex and crucial step part of your web marketing.  Search engine optimization relates to the process of adjusting your web site to help a search engine recognize the quality of the information that you have to offer and to match that information to search phrases that are entered by prospective clients.

At a very, very, basic level a search engine is little more than a glorified matchmaking agency; there are those that are looking for information and those that are looking to provide information. All a search engine does is match those looking with those who can provide, hence optimizing your site correctly is absolutely critical.

A search engine will use complex algorithms to determine which page has the most relevant information to offer about a particular keyword or search phrase.  The precise amount of information collected will vary with each search engine, but generally, the page title, page text and keyword density are recognized as important factors, along with the number and quality of other sites that link through to your own.

Telling Marketing utilizes not only our professional knowledge but also a unique software package in order to ensure your web site becomes visible to 192 global search engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK, AOL and many more.

Our SEO packages are a mix of article marketing, blogging and press releases.  There are a variety of options to choose from.  However, one thing is for sure, with these monthly SEO packages, you are going to be feeding the search engines constantly, which helps to ensure that when consumers go looking for your product or service, they will be able to find you.

optimized page titlesOptimized page titles

industry accurate keyword implementationIndustry-accurate keyword implementation - we will discover the most popular keywords that are related to your website, this will help you describe your business in the most search-friendly manner and obtain a lot of targeted visitors.

accurate page descriptionsAccurate page descriptions

internal page linkingInternal page linking

H1 tags for headlinesH1 tags for headlines, H2 tags for subheadings

HTML/CSS programming techniquesXHTML/CSS programming techniques

Telling Marketing will help you climb to the top of Google results’ pages or hold on to hard won positions as Google’s algorithm changes.  We will troubleshoot your site for broken links and will report every website element that can be optimized.  We will notify you if your website’s backlink profile has changed for better or worse.  Our SEO specialists will monitor your website’s progress and provide you with the most advanced but easy-to-read SEO reports, namely:

HTML/CSS programming techniquesWebsite positions in search engines with historical changes and smart filters.

HTML/CSS programming techniquesAdvanced Rank Checker reports that combine keyword ranking data with the corresponding number of keyword searches on Google and visits to your site for those keywords.

HTML/CSS programming techniquesBacklink number and quality as well as comparison with your competitors backlink profiles.

Telling marketing experienced staff will find a very responsive support team to ask questions from and suggest features to.

SEO Packages start at $395 / Month